Shattered Empire




  • Contacted Al’s father in Kahaleb, told him of our survival


  • Magical crafting/resting at the castle


  • Attempted scrying on Vaythe, evaded scrying


  • Came across cabin on the edge of the boar woods, with what appears to be people under the effects of powerful mutations. The party decides its too risky to check out at the time, marked for later investigation


  • Found bandit controlled mines and headed inside
  • Inside the mines were slave miners, effected by alchemy, changing them into light sensitive, rock-tumor people.
  • During the final encounter inside, Rhydderch was killed.
The Return


Its been 10 years since our heroes were turned to stone. Sert and Nuri have revived them. 10 years they have run. The party learns of the world’s undoing, the apparent destruction of the elves, and the death of Yousef’s old friend, Zeki. They travel to the home of the cloud giants, who bless them with a powerful magic sigil. After this, the party decides to re-take Dura-nu-carega(sp), Rhyddech’s birthright. After a grueling battle with a band of hobgoblins, the heroes retake the castle. The refugees move in, and the heroes decide their next move.

Gentlemen the loot from the encounter. Please send me a message of what you want and any thing left over will be sold for cash.

1) Leather Armor 2 : 4160gp [
2) Hide Armor 1 : 1165gp [
3) Crossbow, repeating light 250 gp [173.6%, Superior Quality] : 434gp ]
4) Splint mail Armor 200 gp [110%, High Quality] : 220gp [

5) Half-plate Armor 600 gp [93%, Low Quality] : 558gp ]
6) Water clock 1,000 gp [62.8%, Very Cheap Quality] : 628gp [

7) Climber’s kit 80 gp [86.25%, Low Quality] : 69gp ]
8) Shortbow, composite 75 gp [125.33%, Fine Quality] : 94gp [

9) Lock, Good 80 gp [122.5%, Fine Quality] : 98gp ]
10) Alchemist’s lab 200 gp [82.5%, Cheap Quality] : 165gp [

11) Saddle, Pack 5 gp [60%, Inferior Quality] : 3gp ]
12) Pot, iron 8 sp [125%, Fine Quality] : 1gp [

13) Javelin 1 gp [Standard Quality] : 1gp ]
14) Shovel or spade 2 gp [Standard Quality] : 2gp [

15) Potion of Bull’s strength {2nd/3rd} : 300gp ]
16) Potion of Undetectable alignment {2nd/3rd} : 300gp [

17) Potion of Gaseous form {3rd/5th} : 750gp ]
18) Arcane Scroll, Protection from energy {3rd/5th} : 375gp [

19) Arcane Scroll, Geas, lesser {4th/7th} : 700gp ]
20) Arcane Scroll, Protection from energy {3rd/5th} : 375gp [

21) Arcane Scroll, Wall of fire {4th/7th} : 700gp ]
22) Arcane Scroll, Lightning bolt {3rd/5th} : 375gp [

23) Shield spikes 2 : 8010gp [
24) Masterwork Longspear : 305gp ]
25) Masterwork Mace, heavy : 312gp [

26) Stone salve : 4000gp ]
27) Feather token, anchor : 50gp [

+1 Shocking HEavy Crossbow
+1 Shadowed Studded Armor
Mwk Buckler
Potion of Haste
+1 Cloak of Resistance x3
Mwk Longsword x8
Mwk Composite Longbow x10
+1 Longsword x2
Mwk Heavy Spiked Shield x10
+1 Spiked Full Plate x2
Mwk Spiked Full Plate x8
Mwk Flail x2
Flail x8

Gems and Jewels Breakdown
Golden yellow topaz 289gp, Blue sapphire 568gp, Ring 23gp, Deep blue spinel 359gp, Red garnet 74gp, Malachite 5gp, Malachite 3gp, Jasper 21gp, Malachite 7gp, Turquoise 1gp

Coins Breakdown
30% (405gp) pp: 40.5
45% (607.5gp) gp: 3707
20% (270gp) sp: 2700
5% (67.5gp) cp: 6800

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(1350gp)
+ Coins(3450gp)
= 30100gp

The Fall of Semah Kamal

I am a horrible writer, and I’m sorry.

Hywell, Al, and Content Not Found: yousef return to Semah Kamal after their encounter with the Orcs, only to find the town under siege. They meet up with Rhydderch, Hassan, Abbat, and Alquin, the Kamali/Namiri joint task force, and they exchange news. The brief reunion is interrupted by Brod’Morrigani attempting to break down the gate to th palace. The two groups split up, with Rhydderch, Hywell, Yusaf, and Al going to meet Vaath, to try to stop Morrigan from being brought into this plane. Rhydderch tasks his task force with protecting the last of the royal family, Zahara, and escorting her out of the city. As the task force cut a bloody swath through the Orrinlander lines, they encountered some of Thon’s most trusted men. A powerful monk, Quentin. The sorcerer, Taegan. The druid, Claad. And the Yardanni Fighter, Gondien. They manage to escape certain death at their hands, and make their way to the harbor, and out of the city.

Meanwhile, Brick(Rhydderch) and his allies meet with Vaath. Vaath is unable to provide much help, as he awaits the inevitable destruction of this plane, and the coming of Morrigan. Our heroes, deciding that givingp is for pansies, decide to go to her plane of existence and fight her, or something. Vaythe sends them to Morrigan’s demiplane. Upon arrival, they see children running, playing, moving the earth, usual kid stuff. They also see women caring for the children, watching over them, and such. Then, one of the women calls for everyone to hush, and they all fall to one knee. Morrigan herself appears, and greets everyone by name, and embraces the children. They then return to their temple. After a bit of scrying(where they see the children and women being put into a tear in the planes) and nearly chickening out, our heroes throw caution to the wind and go in after her. As they get to Morrigan, they see her send the last child through the portal. Al and Hywell attempt to close the portal by magical means, but are ultimately unsuccessful. After several tries, Morrigan turns the party to stone.

Back in the material plane, Zahara and her escorts are leaving Semah Kamal by boat, when they see a terrifying sight. A caster rises a pillar out of the center of the city itself, and bends the very earth to his will. The magical circles of the city are changed, the entire city practically destroyed by the violent movement of the earth. Three, smaller spires form in the centers of the magical circles, and a portal is opened in the sky. Children of Morrigan pour out, and a bright light is seen for miles around.

Yusaf is awoken, violently coming out of his stone state. Blind and confused, his sight is restored by a girl with purple hair.

“Haven’t seen you in a while, big brother”

Alright, there it is. Let me know what you think/change/its awful/whatever.


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